Barcelona...moving fast

Written on 06/03/2014

"[...] Out of that stone is borne a special people

Catalonian to be sure Independent of mind and longing to be free

Of any flag but their own

But Barça is more than part of Catalunya

It is its own passion and spirit

Open arms for embracing

Many kisses for friends and family

And for the welcome stranger

Who is bade to feel at home

To Barcelona they come to be seduced

By warmth and passion and love

To bring dreams and dreamers

Who make dreams come true [...]"

- Charles Griffin -


Everything in barselona move so fast; the words, the kisses, the dreams.

This city is one of the world's leading tourist, economic, trade fair/exhibitions and cultural-sports centres, and its influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's major global cities. It is a major cultural and economic centre in southwestern Europe.

The founding of Barcelona is the subject of two different legends. The first attributes the founding of the city to the mythological Hercules. The second legend attributes the foundation of the city directly to the historical Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal, who named the city Barcino after his family in the 3rd century BC.

To a greater extent than the rest of Catalonia, where Catalonia's native Catalan is more dominant, Barcelona is a bilingual city: Catalan and Spanish are both official languages and widely spoken. The Catalan spoken in Barcelona, Central Catalan, is the one closest to standard Catalan. Since the arrival of democracy, the Catalan culture has been promoted, both by recovering works from the past and by stimulating the creation of new works. Barcelona is designated as a world-class city by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network.