Loneliness in New York City

Written on ٠٦/٠٣/٢٠١٤

New York! The City!

I spent 5 years of my life dreaming of NY and now that I'm here I feel lost! The city is so big that sometimes you feel lonley. 

Fortunatly I met Toby! He knows evrything about New York. He said that sometimes to understand the City, we have to see it from distance... So we went to the Libery State Park, it is located on Upper New York Bay in Jersey City, New Jersey, opposite the Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

The main part of the park is bordered by water on three sides: on the north by the Morris Canal Big Basin and on the south and east by Upper New York Bay. The New Jersey Turnpike Newark Bay Extension marks its western perimeter.

A road called Freedom Way goes through the center and serves as a barrier between the area closed to the public to its west and the area that is open to the public to its east, with its many bike paths, walkways, and fields.

Liberty Walkway, a crescent-shaped promenade, stretches from the CRRNJ along the waterfront south to the Statue of Liberty overlook, bridging two coves along the way. It is part of the longer Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. Halfway along Liberty Walkway is a bridge to Ellis Island. The southeastern corner of the park contains the Statue of Liberty overlook, where we had a pic nic, the U.S. Flag Plaza and Liberation Monument, the Public Administration Building, and a memorial to the Black Tom explosions.